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May 4, 2014 6:00am PDT
. this week president obama and german chancellor merkel said they would impose tough sanctions on the russian economy not only if russia invades ukraine but also if russia disrupts the may 25th presidential election. senator ayotte, you've introduced legislation to impose those sanctions not later but right now. >> they need to be imposed now, chris. the bottom line is if we wait until the elections, it will be too late at that point. we already see the playbook of what happened in crimea happening in eastern ukraine. and it's time to impose tougher sectoral sanctions, provide support for the ukrainian military. and at this point russia is not get is the message. they're violating the geneva agreement. you got russian agents in ukraine causing all the violence and really creating a situation right now that warrants tougher sanctions by this administration. >> congressman shift, have the obama sanctions up to this point been too weak? >> look, i think we're going to ultimately need stronger sanctions. the challenge is not getting administration to go along with stronger sanctions. the
May 2, 2014 4:30am PDT
, president obama and german chancellor merkel are meeting at the white house today to put on a display of unit against russia. the two leaders will have a news conference this morning days after the u.s. and european union mosted new sanctions over russia over unis your gent into ukraine. >>> well, there is a winner in that is a cease style contest for the next space -- in the nasa style contest for the new uniforms to be used in the space suits for its next visit to the moon. nasa is concerned with more than just how it looks. nasa has redesigned it so it is easier to walk in. the new suit -- get this -- costs $4.5 million to develop. >> oh, my goodness. i like the way the model is standing. >> that is what you would look like! [ laughing ] >>> well, 4:48 is the time. sal, it is friday. we get a little silly. >> it is friday? >> already. can you believe it? >> it is may! >> it is good. and cooler which is even better. good morning. i don't want to steal steve's thunder. i will ask steve a question. be ready! but right now traffic on the bay bridge is moving along pretty well. about an 8
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2